The Bigger Picture

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 0 0

I am such a fool. Let’s think back to yesterday when I was posting about how grumpy I was and how much I hated the weather and how I just felt yucky and like nothing was going my way – well. I was so caught up in my head, that I didn’t realise what day it was – October 1. Let me explain –

I walked in the door after work {still grumpy} and was greeted with the most delicious smells coming from the oven. Music was playing softly, the lights were dim, and I noticed a bouquet of sunflowers on the kitchen table. I took off my rain boots, hung up my coat, walked to the kitchen table and saw more – a bottle of open red wine {our favourite} on the table, poured into two wine glasses, the table was set, and a card was propped up against the flowers. J emerged and gave me a hug, to which I started crying {of course}.

We sipped some wine and he gestured to the card, wanting me to open it. The card was lovely and about how today, October 1, marked 1 year of living together. Of course I cried some more – I was so touched and felt like such a fool for being a grump and not seeing the bigger picture – not remembering what a special day it was.

And so, I learned an important lesson – it’s just not worth it to be grumpy over the little things. It causes our eyes to close to the bigger things and to forget all the lovely things in life. I am so thankful and so lucky to have J in my life.


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