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1. Dreamy White Interiors
I can’t help but dream of summer already! I know we have a while to go, and the winter is definitely getting easier to bear now that it’s getting lighter earlier – but just look at the bright whites and the glorious light in this home! I can’t wait to have windows open all the time, and walk around in bare feet, and dig around in our rooftop garden.

2. Thought-Provoking Photos of New York’s Nannies and the Children They Care For
This is a supremely interesting photo study of nannies and the children they look after.

3. Inevitable Office Occurrances
Someone at work shared this video with me – and it is SO TRUE!

4. The Simple Gift of Parenthood That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed
I waffle between wanting and not wanting to have my own children on a daily basis. Having a 4-year-old [almost]step-daughter leans me in the direction of not feeling the need to have a baby, but then I question missing out on the experience of being pregnant and the joy of raising my own flesh-and-blood child. I enjoy reading articles on parenting – especially because they are often so polarized!

5. Man Cuddles with Wombat
You guys, this video made my day. Just wait until he rolls over. Eeeeeeee!!!

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