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Friday, March 28, 2014 0 0

whistler_march23 { J and I snowboarding Whistler last Sunday. It was the best day yet this season! }

And now for a very random collection of links on this fine Friday.

1. What’s the Problem With Pink, Anyway?
Pink and princesses and all things girly have been under strong attack in the news lately. Little A loves everything princessy, although she will be quick to tell you that her favourite colour is not pink it is now purple. {And just last weekend she told me that it was now blue.} J and I don’t like all the pink and princess toys either, and certainly encourage playing with her train set, skate board, bike, lego, and other more “gender neutral” toys, and do not dress her in head-to-toe pink. But the problem with attacking pink is that we’re treating that girly-girl world as not important and subliminally telling girls their interests aren’t important. So what gives? There’s got to be a balance.

2. A Beautiful Explanation of Love

This is a beautiful explanation about love and the fantasy of love and how love evolves over time. I first saw Sarah Kay perform her spoken word poetry on TED {“If I Have a Daughter” – and you should watch this too} and here she is again, just as inspiring.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC Home via Vogue

Another video, this one much different. I have a soft spot for SJP, probably because of my undying love for Sex and the City. In this video she’s interviewed in her NYC brownstone 50-questions-style.

4. The Story of the Salton Sea & more photos
I have a weird interest in abandoned towns and abandoned buildings. I love the story behind a city that was once prosperous, then faced with some sort of tragedy or shift in values/culture/etc, which causes everyone to leave. I love looking at photos of these towns, with buildings that sit derelict, signs that point to nowhere, and imagine what life was like when the town was bustling. I like to create stories. I came across the town of Salton Sea while browsing through Edward Burtynsky’s photographs (he has an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery which I’m dying to go check out).

5. How To Get More Energy at Work
A helpful reminder of strategies to stay energized at work. I often try to take a walk or hit the gym at lunch, or even just leave the office. My office environment is one where most people eat at their desks, and I find I often get sucked into the same pattern day after day. But when I do make the effort to get some fresh air and exercise at lunch, I’m always amazed at how much better I feel!

Happy weekend everyone!

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