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I always feel exhausted after coming home from vacation – last week was a blur of errands, tons of laundry, grocery shopping, and collapsing onto the couch after work. This week is a week for getting back into routine and enjoying day-to-day life again – that means gym 2x and yoga 1x a week. It means having friends over for dinner, as we are doing tonight. It means stocking the freezer with homemade muffins and pre-making lunch food. It means finally filing my taxes ;)

It’s Monday, and what better way to start off this week than with a little inspiration!


{ via The Style Files }

1. The Paradox of Choice
This is a great TED talk by Barry Schwartz about how too many choices in life is crippling. It also speaks to living in the moment. Definitely worth a listen!

2. Brussels Caesar Salad via The Forest Feast
I’ve recently realized my love for Brussel Sprouts. J loves Caesar Salad. This is a tasty-looking recipe that combines the two! I always make my own Caesar dressing from one of my fav cookbooks Chuck’s Day Off. {Caesar dressing recipe}

3. 5 Reasons Why I Waited until I Was 30 to Marry
When everyone around me is getting married and having babies, it’s nice to remind myself why I don’t have either yet.

4. A Summer Home in Denmark via The Style Files
It’s recently starting to feel like Spring over here on the West coast (temperatures about 10 degrees!) but it still doesn’t stop me from pining after summer and beautiful summer cottages! Oh patio, bike, and beach season, I cannot wait.

5. Let’s Stop the Glorification of Busy
An older article I just came across that basically reiterates many other articles I have read – stop with the busy!

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