How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

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There’s nothing like a cool, refreshing glass of Cold Brew coffee to start your day right. J is the Cold Brew master in our house – he drinks it almost every day in the spring/summer/fall. I love it too – I can’t drink milky lattes every day! The beauty with Cold Brew is that it’s super simple – all you need is a little bit of time and planning to make it the night before.

Cold Brew (also called Cold Press) is a different brewing technique than just making a cup of coffee and throwing some ice cubes in. Cold Brew is made with cold water, not warm. Brewing with cold water means the coffee needs to sit in the water for longer than it needs to brew in warm water – brewing the coffee overnight is a great way to do this! The resulting coffee is smooth – so smooth – and rich, less acidic, and a bit chocolately too.

Best of all – you don’t need any fancy equipment. Got a French Press? You’re good to go. (We have a large Espro press which J loves.)

Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Because this post is co-written by J, the aforementioned Cold Brew Master, he would like to point out that your coffee grinder very important in the Cold Brew process. The quality of your coffee is largely affected by the quality and texture of your grind. (For more info, read this: Why The Coffee Grinder is The Most Important Component in Your Home Coffee Brewing Setup.) We have a Baratza Encore grinder, and J loves it. The $150 price tag is a bit steep, but if you want to make cafe-quality coffee every day, it’s beyond worth it.

Pouring Homemade Cold Brew

And while we’re still on the topic of coffee – J’s favourite beans for Cold Brew are JJ Bean Eastside.

(I promise I’m not being paid to recommend these products – J is just a serious coffee lover!)

Cold Brew Coffee with Cream

ANYWAY – enough hipster coffee nonsense – get out your French Press! Get out your pre-ground or home-ground coffee! Let’s make some Cold Brew!

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee
Make this easy Cold Brew Coffee the night before and enjoy in the morning.
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  1. 1 cup ground coffee (if you want to be particular, like J, use a grind meant for French Press. On our Baratza Encore grinder, we use a 25 setting)
  2. 4 cups cold water (or 1 Litre)
  3. Cream for serving, if you desire
  1. Grind 1 cup of coffee beans at a French Press setting.
  2. Dump the coffee grounds into your French Press and add 4 cups cold water. Stir with a wooden spoon to make sure everything is mixed well. Put on the French Press lid, but do not depress - you want the grounds to be brewing in the water.
  3. Pop your French Press into the fridge to sit for at least 12 hours or overnight.
  4. In the morning, depress the French Press so that the grounds are filtered out of the coffee.
  5. Pour over ice and serve with a splash of cream, if you desire.
  1. Cold Brew will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days.
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