Weekend Adventure to Grouse Mountain & Featured on The Endless Meal

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 0 0

Last weekend we had one of my good friends and her 5-year-old daughter come to Vancouver and stay with us – little A was so excited to be hanging out with another girl her own age! We took them to the top of Grouse Mountain to see the orphaned grizzly bear habitat and they had a wild time. I couldn’t believe the chaos in our house – having two 5-year-olds running around is so much more crazy than just one! 

On Sunday my Rosemary Bourbon Fizz cocktail was featured on The Endless Meal! Check it out – my cocktail is a part of Kirsten’s Sunday Supper feature which lists recipes for an entire meal –  I might have to try the salad recipe listed, with all the squashes I have in my fridge!

Also on Sunday, the blog received over 200 views in one day for the first time! Woohoo, thanks guys! I excitedly told J, even though it also feels kind of silly to be talking about things like blog stats, but when you compare that only a few weeks ago I used to get excited about 25 views, 200 is a big deal. Yesterday he surprised me with a lovely bottle of wine and a tiny card celebrating 200. He is just the cutest. Life is all about celebrating the little things!

This week I will entice you with a recipe for baking a whole chicken – it’s really super easy and super impressive to the man in your life ;)


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