Dark n’ Handsome Cocktail

Friday, October 24, 2014 2 0

I used to think that my type of guy was tall, dark, and handsome. Dark haired, at least! Funnily enough, I mostly dated blonde/lighter haired guys, and now I’m with J who is my height, fair, and handsome. At least one criteria didn’t change! ;)

This cocktail is definitely dark and handsome. It’s basically a Dark n’ Stormy cocktail – but the addition of Angostura bitters really take it darker and give a more robust flavour.

Also – check out the LIGHT in these photos! Magically there was a sunny break in our week-long rainstorm and as soon as I got home from work I ran outside to snap some photos of this cocktail and literally 5 minutes later, the sun slipped behind a cloud and then set. Timing! It’s everything.




Dark n' Handsome Cocktail
Yields 1
A more robust take on a Dark n' Stormy.
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  1. 1 1/2 oz Gold Rum
  2. 1/4 oz Lime Juice
  3. 5 dashes Angostura® aromatic bitters
  4. top with Ginger Beer
  5. 1 Lime Wedge for garnish
  1. In a highball glass, add rum, lime juice, and bitters. Add lots of ice and top with ginger beer. Serve with a lime wedge for garnish.
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Kentucky Bourbon Peach Smash

Friday, October 3, 2014 0 0

We’re heading to San Francisco for the weekend tomorrow. I was about 16 the last time I was in San Francisco and J has never been there, so essentially it’s a new city for both of us! I’ve already jam-packed our 3 days there with lists of restaurants and cafes to check out – basically I just want to eat our way through the city. And take lots of photos. All I know is that Tartine Bakery is high on my list, and everything else will fall into place after that. ;)

(I would love any and all San Francisco recommendations if you have any!)

And so, to celebrate Friday and the end of the work week, I leave you with this Kentucky Bourbon Peach Smash. It’s a great drink for transitioning between the summer and autumn seasons – the peach preserves harken back to summer, and the bourbon welcomes fall. This drink will transport you to a wooden porch swing with a warm wool blanket wrapped over your arms – turn on the bluegrass and be transported to autumn in Kentucky. (Okay I realise that was totally stereotypical and I have never actually been to Kentucky, but it sounds like the stuff of dreams, doesn’t it?)

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Golden Mojito – a twist on the classic

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 2 0

Does anyone else get the Monday blues? I, unfortunately, am very prone to the disease, which kicks in at 7:00am on Monday mornings when my alarm is beeping and coaxing me to remove my entwined limbs from underneath the comforter. Then it goes like this: I mentally give myself a pep talk in the shower, enjoy the warm water cascading down my back, widen my nostrils and breathe deeply the invigorating sweet peppermint and rosemary of my soap.

I try not to get sidetracked and treat myself with a yummy breakfast – this Monday it was a milky latte with toast slathered in peanut butter and homemade apricot jam. I inhale the toasty bread smell and close my eyes briefly, savouring that moment of calm. I tuck my phone away and instead bring a magazine or a novel or a cookbook to the table to read with my breakfast.

Taking time to enjoy small moments on my Monday mornings really make a difference for me! So on a Monday when you need to treat yourself, mix up this Golden Mojito – a twist on the classic Mojito. It becomes “golden” when you use aged rum instead of white, and maple syrup instead of simple syrup for a more rich flavour.

I promise there will be a flavour party inside your mouth and that is always a good thing! What are your other tricks for beating the Monday blues? I, for one, could use them for next Monday ;)


Spiced Apple Rum Cocktail (aka Apple Pie in a glass)

Friday, September 19, 2014 6 0

I am a wine-lover. I may even go as far as to say wine snob. Or maybe wine-snob-in-training. A wonderful glass of red wine is my perfect Autumn drink. I’m a huge fan of Pinot Noir – perhaps because of the Pinot Noir festival J and I attended last summer where I tasted about 50 (no lie) Pinot Noirs from the Okanagan region and got educated! Except toward the end I was calling even a $50 bottle “standard delicious”… ;)

What I mean to say is that I don’t often drink cocktails in the cooler months. But I picked up a bunch of apples from the Farmer’s Market this week, and had visions of a spiced apple drink dancing in my head…

I looked at our liquor cabinet and googled around a bit and came up with this Spiced Apple Rum Cocktail. It’s apple pie in a glass. Literally. And it will probably save you a few calories too ;)


Cocktail: Rosemary Bourbon Citrus Fizz

Monday, September 1, 2014 2 2

Happy Labour Day! I can’t believe it’s already the 1st of September – and already the weather feels more like Fall! There’s a cool breeze in the air and I’m wearing a cozy sweater.

This Rosemary Bourbon cocktail is perfect for ushering in Fall. The hint of Rosemary adds a lovely herb flavour while not overpowering the delicate lemon and bourbon flavours.


Classic Mint Julep

Friday, April 11, 2014 0 0

Until the mint in our own garden grows this year, { and boy does it grow! like a weed! } I am resigned to buying mint from the grocery store. It’s always frustrating when your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of mint and you have to buy a giant bundle from the grocery store! But that frustration soon turns to happiness whenever I dream about the cocktails I can make…

Usually my go-to mint cocktail is a Mojito, but J recently purchased a bottle of bourbon at the duty-free, so I decided to make a Classic Mint Julep instead.

Classic Mint Julep


Classic Mint Julep
{ Recipe makes 1 drink. Double if you’d like to share! }

4 mint sprigs { or more if you like it extra minty, like I do! }
2 1/2 oz bourbon
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp water { I added an extra tsp to make mine less strong! }

Muddle mint leaves, sugar, and water in a collins glass. Fill glass with lots of ice. Add bourbon. Top with more ice and add mint sprig.
Enjoy the taste of summertime and lazy patio nights.

Happy weekend everyone!

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