Honey Blueberry Cornbread Muffins

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 2 0

We are knee-deep in wedding planning since J and I got engaged in January. We’ve looked at 15 (!!!) potential wedding venues and met with 2 potential caterers, and the most excited I’ve felt was sitting down with the first caterer and talking about the FOOD that we’ll serve at our wedding. Yep, planning the food is way more exciting to me than the venue, or the dress, or the flowers!

J and I envision a very casual BBQ-picnic-style dinner with a potential spit roasted pig, local corn on the cob, fresh tomato basil salad, roasted beets, cornbread, and peach pies for dessert. As I was drooling over the caterer’s initial menus, I wondered why I had never in my life made cornbread muffins. Because they are delicious! And a little unexpected for a breakfast muffin.


Morning Glory Muffins & my favourite LA drive

Friday, March 27, 2015 0 0

Do you have a favourite drive?

If there is one drive in the whole world that I love driving more than any other, it is in Los Angeles.

I have only been to LA three times in my life, once when I was a teen and remember nothing except the ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier, and the other two times have been the past two Mays, where I was sent down for “work”. I say “work” very loosely, as I hardly worked on the trip, but all my expenses were paid, and I had quite a bit of free time to roam around. I rented a car both times, and drove myself through the maze of highways and multi-lane roads that cut through the city – alone except for the voice from the GPS.

I wouldn’t say I fell in love with the city sprawl and the dusty landscape, but I did fall in love with the lifestyle and the way LA made me feel. Ocean breezes and sun kissed cheeks and floaty dresses and the best coffee and that feeling of exploring a city, alone alone alone. That freedom.

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J’s Amazing Light and Fluffy Waffles

Monday, March 2, 2015 6 3

J wooed me with these waffles. It’s true – I had just come out of a relationship with a guy who did not like to cook and did not enjoy eating. I had been doing 95% of the cooking and 100% of the effort. In fact, before J, I had never dated a guy who enjoyed cooking, so the first morning J told me he’d like to make his waffles for me and that I didn’t have to do anything except drink coffee while he made us a batch, well, I just about fell off that barstool and spilled my latte all over the hardwood floor.

Ingredients in the best waffles ever


Healthy Spiced Carrot Orange Muffins

Monday, February 23, 2015 3 0

This Sunday was the first day in… I can’t remember how long!… that we had no plans, no errands to run, and I could spend it doing whatever I wanted – sleeping in, going for a run, cooking my favourite eggs breakfast, and focusing on the blog. J was at hockey this morning and I had a few hours to myself, and the free time felt glorious. I had almost forgotten what lounging around the house on a weekend felt like! This weekend was honestly amazing. J and I did a few spontaneous things together, that felt like we were back in our early days of dating again! We also spent time with family, we biked to the beach in the [cool] sunshine, and we cooked homemade pasta together for Sunday dinner. (Perhaps a pasta recipe to come!)

Spiced Carrot Orange Muffins


Apricot Rosemary Scones

Monday, February 9, 2015 2 0

I finally got my engagement ring back today from being re-sized! Hurray! It took 2 loooong weeks – Tiffany had to send it off to their headquarters in NYC. I had only worn it for a total of 48 hours before we took it in. It feels so exciting having it back on my finger!

Apricot Rosemary Scones

And what better cause to celebrate to make these apricot rosemary scones! I love the unexpected flavour of these scones – they are sweet and salty at the same time, and the hint of rosemary is a lovely subtle surprise. They would be great with a cup of strong Earl Grey tea on a rainy afternoon – exactly like this past weekend has been. Rain, rain, go away! I am so excited for spring.


Morning Jolt: Apple Carrot Ginger Juice

Friday, February 6, 2015 0 0

I bought a juicer. And I am more excited about it than I thought I would be. It is amazing.

Fresh, healthy juice every morning?! I don’t even need coffee anymore – juice is giving me an even bigger jolt than caffeine ever did! Especially this recipe – but before I get to that, let’s talk about this juicer…

I was looking for an introductory juicer because I wasn’t ready to commit hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to something I had never done before, and let’s be honest, could have turned into another appliance sitting in the cupboard. I was also looking for one that had lots of great reviews.

I ended up purchasing the Breville Juice Fountain Plus – this just so happens to be the same juicer that was made popular by the doc Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I watched that film long ago on Netflix but it didn’t influence my decision in buying the same juicer (although let’s be honest, that doc was pretty inspiring). What did influence my decision was the amazing number of awesome reviews. When I saw that my produce delivery company, Spud, was offering a promo on that exact juicer, the decision was made.

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