First Gardening Project: Garlic

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 0 0


I was cleaning out our fridge this weekend when I discovered a few rogue garlic cloves languishing at the bottom of our vegetable bin. These particular garlic gloves were beautiful purple garlic cloves purchased from the farmer’s market and because they had spent so long uneaten, they had started to sprout. I rescued the cloves and sat them on the window sill. After a day of looking at the lonely cloves and growing more excited as I watched their stems grow slightly longer in the sun, I wondered if I could plant them.

You see, I have grown quickly obsessed with gardening. After our rooftop garden last summer was such a success, I have been dreaming of ways to make this summer’s rooftop garden even better. I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt and plant seeds and watch them grow. I have become obsessed with trying to source most of our produce locally – I have also signed up for a local CSA box this spring/summer – and I can’t even wait for the weekly deliveries of fresh local produce, supplemented by our garden’s bounty. We are going to eat so well this summer!

A quick google told me that usually garlic is planted in the fall, but you can also plant in the spring which yields a smaller bulb. So I took a chance and planted these cloves and we’ll see what happens! Grow little garlic, grow!

{ Has anyone successfully planted garlic? Any tips are appreciated! }

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