weekend adventure: hiking the chief | squamish, bc

Monday, June 9, 2014 0 0

I wanted to go on an adventure with J this weekend. We’d been talking about hiking The Chief  for a while, so once I googled around and saw it was listed as an easy-intermediate hike, I thought NBD – let’s do it! I grabbed my camera, threw on my running shoes, and out the door at 8am on Sunday morning we went.

Now, I am not a hiker. I have probably gone on 5 hikes in my entire life. Max. When we were 2/3 of the way up and my legs were on fire, I may have uttered some choice words about it being a “death march”! ;) But – the views! The views alone make it all worth it. And the feelings of perseverance and accomplishment aren’t so bad either!







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Monday, May 26, 2014 3 0


I chopped off my hair over the weekend, and I’m left feeling lighter – lighter physically, but lighter also in my mind. Five years ago when I did a similar chop of my hair, I experienced the same – it’s like cutting off those years of hair growth help you let go of years of anxieties and worries and give you a fresh start. I feel clear-headed, fresh, and a little bit sassy ;)

Sometimes a fresh start is just what you need.


And a fresh, summery outfit to go along with the new haircut. I wish you all a fresh week.

{ shirt: JCrew | sunglasses: SPY }



Reflections on Being a Step-Mom on Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 11, 2014 2 0


I am a mother. A sort-of-step-mother. I say “sort of” because J and I aren’t married, but really, all that doesn’t matter because I’m helping to raise J’s daughter, and that makes me a mom.

I met little A shortly after she turned 2. J and I had recently begun dating, though I’d known him already for a while, and he would often share photos of A and their adventures with me. I was nervous to meet her, nervous for how she’d respond to an important person in her dad’s life when she’d never known her dad to have a girlfriend. (J and A’s mom were never a couple.) Would she resent me? Would she think I was trying to replace her mom? Would she think I was fun? Of course my worries were immediately put aside, and A and I formed a bond of our own.

Now, A has been in my life and I have been raising her as a daughter for 2.5 years. The ups and downs and the overwhelming love I have experienced cannot be put into words. Nothing can prepare you for becoming a mother, and you can’t fully comprehend until you are one. Raising a child forces you to be completely unselfish and makes me want to be a better person. I have marveled at the incredible thoughts that come out of A’s mouth. I have comforted her tears and given lots of hugs. She has taught me to be more patient. To go a little slower in life. To notice the flowers, the smells, the sounds, the everyday things that usually go unnoticed. Hearing her laugh puts an instant smile on my face.

Until I met A, I wasn’t completely sure I would have children of my own. I went through a phase thinking it might not be what I wanted. Maybe I’d just have a partner and we’d live our lives together, do lots of traveling, and that would be it. But now I know – the joy a little one brings into your home cannot be underestimated. It’s not all sunshine and roses – oh there’s been hard times. Hard times where J and I will get frustrated and sometimes take it out on each other. But those good times, those marvelous times, override any tough times, and make being a mother wonderful.

So on this Mother’s Day, A, when you read this in 10 years, thank you for entering my life. Thank you for making me a mom.



Snapshots of Montreal

Thursday, May 8, 2014 0 0

J and I went to Montreal last week – the reason for our trip was for me to attend one of my best friends’ wedding, but we went a few days early to do the tourist thing and see the sights. I lived in Montreal about 5 years ago, and hadn’t been back in 3 years, so I basically spent the whole time wide-eyed and giddy, exclaiming, “Oh I looove this place!” or “Oh I feel so nostalgic right now!” or “Oh I love this city!” Yes, I’m sure I was very annoying. ;)


Montreal, j’taime!


Inside Notre Dame, one of the most beautiful churches around. At least in Canada ;)


Brunch and cafe au lait at my very favourite cafe – La Croissanterie Figaro.


La Croissanterie also has a lovely patio (or, in Montreal, terrasse) but unfortunately it is not quite Spring weather in Montreal and we could do no terrasse-hopping this trip.


J and his GoPro in the Old Port.

It was a very lovely trip all in all, and the wedding itself was beautiful. I saw many old friends and people who are like family, and it was so good to see them all again! That kind of thing just warms the soul.


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Island Beachcombing

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 1 0

Sorry for the radio silence! Life has been busybusy lately. I have been out of town for 4 of the past 5 weekends. No joke. And that weekend we were home was Easter – also a very busy weekend – which basically means I haven’t spent a relaxing weekend at home since March 29. Yikes. I can’t wait to be at home this weekend and all I want to do after work every day this week is stay home and do nothing – a perfect chance to get re-caught up on the blog!

A few weekends ago, J, A, and I traveled to Vancouver Island to visit my parents. My parents are fortunate to live on a beautiful piece of land right on the ocean with beach access, so we always make it a priority to visit “our beach” when we are over. A loves the beach and her favourite thing to do is turn over rocks to check for crabs. My parents are smitten with A and I don’t think there were any unturned rocks left on the beach by the time we left!

I always forget how time slows down when we are on the island – it was a perfect little getaway!





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Thursday, April 3, 2014 0 0

It’s faux-Friday for me because tomorrow I have the day off! Wee! I’ll be hopping on a plane for a quick trip to Phoenix for a wedding, and back Sunday night. { Here’s hoping my new fear of flying book helps! }

A few photos to share on this faux-Friday. Last weekend J and little A and I visited the Aquarium. My very favourite thing at the Aquarium are the jellyfish. They are so magical.

Have a great weekend!




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