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whistler_march23 { J and I snowboarding Whistler last Sunday. It was the best day yet this season! }

And now for a very random collection of links on this fine Friday.

1. What’s the Problem With Pink, Anyway?
Pink and princesses and all things girly have been under strong attack in the news lately. Little A loves everything princessy, although she will be quick to tell you that her favourite colour is not pink it is now purple. {And just last weekend she told me that it was now blue.} J and I don’t like all the pink and princess toys either, and certainly encourage playing with her train set, skate board, bike, lego, and other more “gender neutral” toys, and do not dress her in head-to-toe pink. But the problem with attacking pink is that we’re treating that girly-girl world as not important and subliminally telling girls their interests aren’t important. So what gives? There’s got to be a balance.

2. A Beautiful Explanation of Love

This is a beautiful explanation about love and the fantasy of love and how love evolves over time. I first saw Sarah Kay perform her spoken word poetry on TED {“If I Have a Daughter” – and you should watch this too} and here she is again, just as inspiring.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC Home via Vogue

Another video, this one much different. I have a soft spot for SJP, probably because of my undying love for Sex and the City. In this video she’s interviewed in her NYC brownstone 50-questions-style.

4. The Story of the Salton Sea & more photos
I have a weird interest in abandoned towns and abandoned buildings. I love the story behind a city that was once prosperous, then faced with some sort of tragedy or shift in values/culture/etc, which causes everyone to leave. I love looking at photos of these towns, with buildings that sit derelict, signs that point to nowhere, and imagine what life was like when the town was bustling. I like to create stories. I came across the town of Salton Sea while browsing through Edward Burtynsky’s photographs (he has an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery which I’m dying to go check out).

5. How To Get More Energy at Work
A helpful reminder of strategies to stay energized at work. I often try to take a walk or hit the gym at lunch, or even just leave the office. My office environment is one where most people eat at their desks, and I find I often get sucked into the same pattern day after day. But when I do make the effort to get some fresh air and exercise at lunch, I’m always amazed at how much better I feel!

Happy weekend everyone!

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Books Currently On my Nightstand

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As I was reading in bed last night, I glanced over to the pile of books on my nightstand with fresh eyes. I surveyed the titles and realised I’m reading quite an eclectic mix of topics right now, and not a piece of fiction in sight. { Which is bizarre, considering all I used to read was fiction! }

1. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg
I purchased this book after watching Sheryl Sandberg’s (who is the COO at Facebook) TED talk “Why we have too few women leaders.” I’ve always been aware that women earn less money than men in the same position (77% as much to be exact) but the fact that women are self-handicapping themselves (to some extent) at work is something I hadn’t given thought to.

2. Soar by Captain Tom Bunn
I’ve previously talked about this book in this post which I purchased after a particularly awful flight recently. Ha. Learning to overcome my fears ahead of my upcoming trip to Phoenix next week!

3. Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood by Anne Enright
My lovely friend C lent this book to me, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is a quick, engaging, down-to-earth read about motherhood. I think C is trying to get me to pop out a baby soon… and fair enough, as she is in newborn baby bliss at the moment! And let’s be clear: I do want to pop out a baby at some point, but the actual baby-ness I do not look forward to. Let me skip that first year or so and I will be a happy lady!

4. An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield
Chris Hadfield is amazing, what more needs to be said!

5. In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan (not pictured)
I am also re-reading this book, which I found hiding in my bookshelf the other day. I thought it would make a good follow up read to It Starts with Food.

What are you currently reading?


Links I Love – v9

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I always feel exhausted after coming home from vacation – last week was a blur of errands, tons of laundry, grocery shopping, and collapsing onto the couch after work. This week is a week for getting back into routine and enjoying day-to-day life again – that means gym 2x and yoga 1x a week. It means having friends over for dinner, as we are doing tonight. It means stocking the freezer with homemade muffins and pre-making lunch food. It means finally filing my taxes ;)

It’s Monday, and what better way to start off this week than with a little inspiration!


{ via The Style Files }

1. The Paradox of Choice
This is a great TED talk by Barry Schwartz about how too many choices in life is crippling. It also speaks to living in the moment. Definitely worth a listen!

2. Brussels Caesar Salad via The Forest Feast
I’ve recently realized my love for Brussel Sprouts. J loves Caesar Salad. This is a tasty-looking recipe that combines the two! I always make my own Caesar dressing from one of my fav cookbooks Chuck’s Day Off. {Caesar dressing recipe}

3. 5 Reasons Why I Waited until I Was 30 to Marry
When everyone around me is getting married and having babies, it’s nice to remind myself why I don’t have either yet.

4. A Summer Home in Denmark via The Style Files
It’s recently starting to feel like Spring over here on the West coast (temperatures about 10 degrees!) but it still doesn’t stop me from pining after summer and beautiful summer cottages! Oh patio, bike, and beach season, I cannot wait.

5. Let’s Stop the Glorification of Busy
An older article I just came across that basically reiterates many other articles I have read – stop with the busy!

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8 Guys and 2 Gals Go To Mexico

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{ Beached bros at the resort }

Cabo 2

{ My lover at Lover’s Beach }

Cabo 3

{ Paradise. And so many Pacificos. }

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

{ Why do I live in cold and rainy Vancouver, again?! }


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

{ Love this guy! }

Traveling to Mexico with 8 dudes and 1 gal can be summed up as: so many Pacificos, Coronas, and tequila shots, wet t-shirt contests and pushup competitions, laughs and high-fives, bros sunscreening each others’ backs, the most delicious tacos ever, cramming 10 people into a van built for 5, massages on the beach, dance parties on the hugest catamaran ever, swimming with whale sharks (!), lazy days and fun nights and not much sleep.

The weather was hot, the resort was luxurious, the food was the best ever. I wondered many times why I lived in a cold and rainy city and not on the beach in Mexico.

Now I am back in this rainy city of mine, and as predicted, it’s rainy and gross. It is, however, nice to be able to get a full night’s sleep. ;)

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My Love

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In light of Valentine’s Day, I would like to talk about the concept of the “perfect partner.”

I have had three long-term relationships in my life, and a number of short ones sprinkled in between.

In all three relationships I have, at some point or another, thought that he was “the one” and envisioned us getting married and spending our lives together. However, in both relationships previous to my current relationship with J, I had nagging doubts, though nothing was hugely “wrong”. I always attributed those doubts to me just being young and not feeling ready to get married. Especially in my last relationship, because he was great on paper. He had all the qualities I thought I wanted in a man: he was tall, and good looking, and spontaneous, we had the same interests and we went on countless adventures together.

However, now that I am in my current relationship with J, I realise that those nagging doubts meant something. The “perfect” partner on paper means nothing. Now, I have fallen in love with a guy who I thought was not my type – J is my height, has reddish hair, has a giant beard, and likes to garden and bike and relax on the couch. And I have never felt more fulfilled in my entire life.

The first time J hugged me, before we ever started dating, he gave me such a tight, warm hug and all I remember feeling was that his arms felt so good and so right. I could tell already that he was a very caring person. He felt like home.

J has made me realise that having the “perfect” partner is not the same as creating a “perfect love.” J supports my interests – whether it is blogging or photography or baking – and isn’t solely focused on his. He is always willing to help me out – in the kitchen, with the laundry, when I’m feeling overwhelmed. We are often thinking the same thing, and it’s weird how much we’re on the same page. He anticipates my needs and can pick up on a hint of a bad mood and knows that “I’m fine” doesn’t mean “I’m fine.” He is giving, loving, respectful. He is an amazing father. He will goof around with me in the kitchen. He is open and willing to talk about everything, even difficult stuff.

All these things are so much more important in a relationship than finding a man who is taller than you. Or who doesn’t have a giant red beard. And now I love his giant beard anyway :)

I feel so lucky to have found J.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Much love to you.

For a great article on this topic: Who is the Perfect Partner? via Psychology Today

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links i love v8

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{ via CocoMingo }

1. Dreamy White Interiors
I can’t help but dream of summer already! I know we have a while to go, and the winter is definitely getting easier to bear now that it’s getting lighter earlier – but just look at the bright whites and the glorious light in this home! I can’t wait to have windows open all the time, and walk around in bare feet, and dig around in our rooftop garden.

2. Thought-Provoking Photos of New York’s Nannies and the Children They Care For
This is a supremely interesting photo study of nannies and the children they look after.

3. Inevitable Office Occurrances
Someone at work shared this video with me – and it is SO TRUE!

4. The Simple Gift of Parenthood That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed
I waffle between wanting and not wanting to have my own children on a daily basis. Having a 4-year-old [almost]step-daughter leans me in the direction of not feeling the need to have a baby, but then I question missing out on the experience of being pregnant and the joy of raising my own flesh-and-blood child. I enjoy reading articles on parenting – especially because they are often so polarized!

5. Man Cuddles with Wombat
You guys, this video made my day. Just wait until he rolls over. Eeeeeeee!!!

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