Sunday Sunshine

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Sunday sunshine.

J was finishing making breakfast and I was jumping extra-gleefully around the house, as I do when the sun shines and fills our house with its glow. The sun hadn’t shone in a few days, and so I was extra happy, arms outstretched by the window, eyes closed, drinking in the light. Little A thought I was silly and came over to the window to stand beside me and see what all the fuss was about, and I lifted her up and we gazed out at the sunshine together.

A must have heard a small noise behind us, because she turned around just as J snapped this photo of us.

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links i love v7

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{ image via Smitten Kitchen }

1. Homemade Oreos recipe
{ I am FIENDING for homemade oreos. This recipe by the always yummy Smitten Kitchen just looks divine. I think I would also sneak a bit of vanilla ice cream in place of icing in a few of the cookies. These cookies are going on the list once I finish this silly Whole30 – okay okay, it’s not silly, but when I’m faced with the prospect of delicious homemade Oreos, eating healthy is the worst idea in the world. }

2. Meditation transforms roughest San Francisco schools
{ A fascinating article. Quietness is powerful. I am just realizing its power from taking up yoga lately. }

3. TED Talks Playlist: What’s wrong with what we eat?
{ I’ve taken to listening to podcasts at work when I’m doing design work at the office and I don’t need to focus too hard. This is a great one. }

4. The Three Relationship Skills Happy Couples Use Most

5. The Everything Guide to the Early Morning
{ This week I woke up early 2 days in a row – Tuesday to be at the gym for 7am, and Wednesday to be at yoga for 6:45am. While the act of waking up and rolling out of bed is less than wonderful, actually being up early when the rest of the city sleeps is a truly magical and my most productive and alert time of day. }


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links i love v6

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{ via The Style Files }

1. This resort on Dedon Island in the Philippines via The Style Files
{ This past week I’ve been brainstorming destinations for our next big trip in 2015. “Big” just means far away – something that J and I haven’t done together since visiting Belize and Guatemala 2 years ago. The Philippines, along with Indonesia and a few other countries in Southeast Asia are high on the list, and after coming across these amazing photos on The Style Files, the Philippines has been bumped even higher! Not that we could afford to stay here. But still. }

2. Sex and the City Hangman!!! Can you guess famous SATC quotes?
{ I got 12/12. Obviously. SATC is my favourite show of ALL TIME. }

3. 10 Habits of Happy Couples via Psychology Today

4. Yummy recipe: Kale Salad with Apricots, Avocado, and Parmesan via TheKitchn
{ I made this yummy healthy salad for dinner last night, with the addition of ginger chicken breasts on top. Because I’m not eating dairy at the moment, I swapped out the parmesan and added roasted sweet potato chunks. Delish! }

5. Pattern mixing via M Loves M
{ This floral jacket paired with a striped skirt is pretty amazing. A reminder that I need to experiment with pattern mixing more this year, because I love how it looks! }

Happy weekend! J and I are headed up to Mt Baker for our first snowboard shred of the year { and I get to try out my new board!! } which I am super excited about, except there’s a huge snowstorm warning, so our chances of actually getting up the hill may not be so great… Fingers crossed!

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Not Hungover New Year

Thursday, January 2, 2014 3 0


It’s a new year! Unlike all other recent years that I can remember, I didn’t start 2014 with a hangover. That’s bound to be a good sign for a good year, right?

Unfortunately, the reason why I wasn’t hungover is because we didn’t end up doing anything for New Year’s. Little A was sick all through the holidays, which meant that J picked it up, and it turned into a super bad case of the man flu on New Year’s Eve.  { In case you are unfamiliar with the man flu – please read up on the definition. It’s real. } So, we bailed on going to the cabin on the Sunshine Coast and spent New Year’s Eve eating take-out pizza, watching a movie on the couch, and going to bed at 12:10am.

Which really wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was awesome. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the year! On New Year’s Day we commenced organizing – I re-organized our kitchen pantry, and J and I then tackled our storage closet { what were we thinking } and amassed a giant pile to give away to Salvation Army and a giant pile to take out to the trash. So – we started the year not hungover and got organized.

I am back to work today, and I have to say, it’s not that bad. Usually it is difficult to get moving after a holiday, but given all the time I’ve spent being a nurse for A and J lately, and all the corresponding couch time, I am happy to be out of the house!

Wonderfully, it’s a 2-day work week and then it’s a weekend! It’s going to be a good year, guys ;)

{ shirt: Forever 21 | blazer: H&M; similar; Oxford shoes: Aldo }


“You may think the grass is greener on the other side. But if you take the time to water your own grass, it would be just as green.” – Unknown.

{ Something we all need to remind ourselves of sometimes. }