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Thursday, November 14, 2013 0 0


{ image via Smitten Kitchen }

1. More Sunshine, More Happiness?
{ I struggle with the way the constant rain in Vancouver seems to wreak havoc on my mood… but this article has made me re-consider the correlation. }

2. Hilarious Photos of Sexy Men and Adorable Cats in Similar Poses
{ Not much more needs to be said about this one! }

3. This black & blue outfit via Kendi Everyday
{ So pretty. }

4. Cranberry-Orange Breakfast Buns via Smitten Kitchen
{ One day soon I would like to throw a little brunch gathering. And I think these yummy sticky buns will have to grace the table! Pretty much anything Smitten Kitchen makes is amazing. }

5. Darling Magazine
{ A beautiful zine about all that is lovely. How fitting! }

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Birthday Girl

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 0 0

It’s my birthday!

I am now the ripe ol’ age of 28 { how did that happen?! }.


I took the day off today – which was the best idea ever. Went to yoga in the morning, met a friend for a boozey lunch, and now headed out to dinner with the manfriend to eat lots of sushi and try to forget that my fertility has just dropped another 10%. Great. ;)

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photography friday

Friday, November 8, 2013 0 0


For my first four months in Montreal, I lived two blocks away from Beauty’s. It was on Ave du Mont-Royal, the main street I would walk down to get my groceries from Provigo, to walk to the Metro, or to go shopping on Boulevard St-Laurent. I walked past Beauty’s almost every day.

Beauty’s { } isn’t anything fancy – it’s a straight up Jewish deli/diner that serves the basics: eggs, pancakes, burgers, milkshakes. It’s got a cult following and there’s often a lineup around the block to get in for weekend brunch.

In those four months that Beauty’s was my neighbour, and even in the entire year I lived in Montreal, I never ate at Beauty’s. It was only 3 years ago, on my last trip to Montreal { ugh, I cannot believe it has been 3 whole years }, that I told Lyndsey we must get breakfast at Beauty’s. So we lined up with everyone else, and ate eggs and coffee and milkshakes for breakfast. I don’t remember it being anything special or worth that cult following, but I was so happy to have finally visited.

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Links I Love

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 0 0

1. How Yoga Changes Your Body, Starting The Day You Begin (infographic)
{ I must do more yoga. Starting this weekend. Saturday morning! }

2. Facebook knows when you’re going to break up
{ Does Facebook just know everything?! }

3. This petal pink coat and outfit via Cupcakes and Cashmere
{ So pretty! }

4. Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy
{ Very very very interesting article. }

5. House envy: A Modern Brownstone
{ I have always dreamed of living in New York City in an old Brownstone… swoon. }

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A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 19, 2013 0 0

 We went to the pumpkin patch today! I love the pumpkin patch, even though I am no longer a kid! It’s so fun wandering all the fields of pumpkins, munching on fresh crisp apples and hot apple cider, walking through the hay, and getting a tractor hay ride!

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