Friendsgiving 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 1 0

It was Thanksgiving this weekend {where did the time go?!} and J and I decided we wanted to host a big turkey dinner and call it “Friendsgiving.” Both our families were out of town this weekend but we still wanted to eat delicious turkey! So, on Saturday we prepped and cooked all day – turkey, bread stuffing, scalloped potatoes, honey ginger carrots, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie… Our house was filled with the most delicious smells and felt so cozy with the sun streaming in the windows.

It was so much fun putting on a big dinner for friends – everyone brought wine and ate so much delicious food – so much less stressful than putting on a big dinner for family; friends don’t care, they just want to hang out and if there’s good food, then that’s even better!

And then – there’s this cheesy and amazing photo of J and I, host and hostess with the mostess.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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photography friday

Friday, October 4, 2013 0 0

Well, I think I am going to make “photography Friday” a thing. A “feature” if I’m to use blog-speak. And you know what I should do to make myself sound even more cool and bloggy is call it “fotography friday.” Or “photography phriday”?

Just a simple photo for today – I took this snap a few years ago. I love love.


Matt & Tashia

Still working on getting my photography website up and running. Will be sure to link you once it’s live. Happy Friday!

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The Bigger Picture

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 0 0

I am such a fool. Let’s think back to yesterday when I was posting about how grumpy I was and how much I hated the weather and how I just felt yucky and like nothing was going my way – well. I was so caught up in my head, that I didn’t realise what day it was – October 1. Let me explain –

I walked in the door after work {still grumpy} and was greeted with the most delicious smells coming from the oven. Music was playing softly, the lights were dim, and I noticed a bouquet of sunflowers on the kitchen table. I took off my rain boots, hung up my coat, walked to the kitchen table and saw more – a bottle of open red wine {our favourite} on the table, poured into two wine glasses, the table was set, and a card was propped up against the flowers. J emerged and gave me a hug, to which I started crying {of course}.

We sipped some wine and he gestured to the card, wanting me to open it. The card was lovely and about how today, October 1, marked 1 year of living together. Of course I cried some more – I was so touched and felt like such a fool for being a grump and not seeing the bigger picture – not remembering what a special day it was.

And so, I learned an important lesson – it’s just not worth it to be grumpy over the little things. It causes our eyes to close to the bigger things and to forget all the lovely things in life. I am so thankful and so lucky to have J in my life.


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photography friday

Friday, September 27, 2013 1 0

It’s Friday, which means I’m only thinking about the weekend, and what a dreary rainy weekend it is going to be – but perfect for projects and getting things done {and lots of tea and red wine – not at the same time}.

And my project for the weekend is this: I’ve decided to bring my photography website back to life. Which means I’ve been updating content and sifting through my portfolio of portraits in the process. I recently watched the documentary on Annie Leibovitz, “Life Through a Lens“, which was amazing and inspiring. Having a creative outlet is important, and something I need to work more to foster.

So I leave you with this – in going through all of the portraits I’ve snapped, I came across these two of my favourites, who just so happen to be of some of my favourite people.

110302 055IMG_7817-2

Happy Friday, my friends.

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