1 Year Blogaversary!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 0 0

Today is the lovely‘s 1 year blogaversary! It’s been a really fun year – some highlights include cooking a turkey for the very first time to host Friendsgiving; taking J on a mystery getaway; expanding our rooftop garden; and spending lots of lovely days at home with my love. I drank yummy mint juleps with mint from our garden and rosemary citrus cocktails with our rosemary. I ate strawberry shortcake and made a spicy apricot habanero jam – my favourite recipe of the past year!

We traveled a lot this past year – to Seattle, Mt Baker, Whistler, Mexico, Phoenix, Montreal, LA, and lots of little trips up and down the BC coast. And last weekend we went on a little adventure to Vancouver Island to visit one of my best friends who recently bought a house. We beach-combed, took a water taxi to a little island for lunch, swam in the ocean, had yummy food and drinks and lots of laughs. 

Hope your weeks are going well so far!

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Weekend Adventure: Biking in Steveston, BC

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 2 0


One of my favourite weekend adventures is heading out to Steveston, a cute historic fishing town near the river,  and a quick 30 minute drive from Vancouver. The one or two streets of the town are fun to wander, but my favourite thing to do there is to bike the dyke trail and get fish and chips!

The dyke trail is flat (my kind of biking!) and runs alongside some gorgeous houses (I love looking at real estate!) and is near the airport so there’s tons of planes taking off and landing to watch (reminds me of childhood outings with my dad to the airport to watch the planes take off). There’s so much to look at that you almost forget you’re biking! You can bike as far as you’d like, and then turn around and come back to the park where there’s a little fish and chips stand.

J and I like to bring a few beers and a blanket, grab our fish and chips, and relax on the grass. A perfect Sunday afternoon!




IMG_1814   IMG_1849



Weekend Adventure: Los Angeles

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 0 0

Ha, is it funny that I follow up a hiking adventure with a weekend jaunt to LA?

Well, to LA I went, from Friday to Sunday last weekend! I was there half for work, and half for fun – and the heat and beach and fresh fruit and mini roadtrips up the coast were exactly what I needed.

It’s a weird thing traveling alone. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to have some time to yourself to rest and recharge (which doesn’t often happen) but then there’s those days where it’s the middle of the afternoon and you realise you haven’t spoken a single word out loud yet that day. Except to swear at yourself when you drop half your breakfast on the floor. And then you have those exhilaratingly happy moments when you’re driving with the windows down and the wind in your hair and the tunes on the radio and the endless ocean out the car window, and you smile and feel gleeful, and wish there was someone in the passenger seat to share that with.

A few snapshots from my trip –

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weekend adventure: hiking the chief | squamish, bc

Monday, June 9, 2014 0 0

I wanted to go on an adventure with J this weekend. We’d been talking about hiking The Chief  for a while, so once I googled around and saw it was listed as an easy-intermediate hike, I thought NBD – let’s do it! I grabbed my camera, threw on my running shoes, and out the door at 8am on Sunday morning we went.

Now, I am not a hiker. I have probably gone on 5 hikes in my entire life. Max. When we were 2/3 of the way up and my legs were on fire, I may have uttered some choice words about it being a “death march”! ;) But – the views! The views alone make it all worth it. And the feelings of perseverance and accomplishment aren’t so bad either!







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Snapshots of Montreal

Thursday, May 8, 2014 0 0

J and I went to Montreal last week – the reason for our trip was for me to attend one of my best friends’ wedding, but we went a few days early to do the tourist thing and see the sights. I lived in Montreal about 5 years ago, and hadn’t been back in 3 years, so I basically spent the whole time wide-eyed and giddy, exclaiming, “Oh I looove this place!” or “Oh I feel so nostalgic right now!” or “Oh I love this city!” Yes, I’m sure I was very annoying. ;)


Montreal, j’taime!


Inside Notre Dame, one of the most beautiful churches around. At least in Canada ;)


Brunch and cafe au lait at my very favourite cafe – La Croissanterie Figaro.


La Croissanterie also has a lovely patio (or, in Montreal, terrasse) but unfortunately it is not quite Spring weather in Montreal and we could do no terrasse-hopping this trip.


J and his GoPro in the Old Port.

It was a very lovely trip all in all, and the wedding itself was beautiful. I saw many old friends and people who are like family, and it was so good to see them all again! That kind of thing just warms the soul.


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Island Beachcombing

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 1 0

Sorry for the radio silence! Life has been busybusy lately. I have been out of town for 4 of the past 5 weekends. No joke. And that weekend we were home was Easter – also a very busy weekend – which basically means I haven’t spent a relaxing weekend at home since March 29. Yikes. I can’t wait to be at home this weekend and all I want to do after work every day this week is stay home and do nothing – a perfect chance to get re-caught up on the blog!

A few weekends ago, J, A, and I traveled to Vancouver Island to visit my parents. My parents are fortunate to live on a beautiful piece of land right on the ocean with beach access, so we always make it a priority to visit “our beach” when we are over. A loves the beach and her favourite thing to do is turn over rocks to check for crabs. My parents are smitten with A and I don’t think there were any unturned rocks left on the beach by the time we left!

I always forget how time slows down when we are on the island – it was a perfect little getaway!





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